Athens_Aristeidou street

The intervention area is located in the city center at the junction of Aristidou, Pesmazoglou and Stadiou streets. The block indicated consists of apartment buildings that were consolidated in a view of the final solution with translucent panels that exploit the natural light.

The problem which was the starting point, was that of the density of housing in the center of Athens, and to achieve the creation of a new type of culture that appreciates new conditions.
Keeping intact the structural domino type system, each building was decided to separate the functions and primarily the creation of independent sleep units. The basic idea was to build a DIY assembly process with minimal permanent intervention in site. The dominant reason is the idea of ​​the layer which is no longer simply the sleeping part and is incorporated in a mobile sliding wall system that provides isolation. The sleeping area includes a study area and storage space. Their placement created populations upon which other functions were placed.
Other functions are all shared and placed in the population limits mentioned above. Although there is an extent of 10 acres , access to each population and communication between them is clearly visible. On the ground floor we have four entry points with independent staircases and reception. Because of the variety of the structural system and the vacancies arising from buildings and their different heights, there was a plan of the first floor
and a standard repeated for 7 levels.

in collaboration with Vaggelis Agatsas