This renovation, was completed in December 2016. Refering to a main bathroom in a family of 4 residence, in Evoia,this project was designed so as to meet those demands.

Since the conceptual stage, it was consider crucial to remain to the particular color palette. The materials which where selected to depict the design initiative were, white cement with filler, glass, wood and tiles. It is important to express that the initial thought, was the overall construction which contains the sink, to be from a dark grey cement so the top part would be completed as a solid object. Also this idea was of major importance in the tile selection. The intention was to renovate the bathroom so as to reflect three design qualities. Transparency, the usage of existing geometry, as well as a bold material presence.

The final outcome is extrememly close to the design process. The only element that was altered was the surface of the sink “furniture” which was eventually covered by the same tiles which were used to create the shower space.

Top view