Cannavus jenga

This studio was used as the starting axis to study various skin scales and using the incision tool. At the first stage Elastic House (2004) by Etienne Meneau was chosen. Around the concept of the 3D Grid a research theses along with electronic resources was conducted  in order to understand the construction principles. Part of the research was the focus on typography, which was also the beginning of the creation of the grid. The second research axis was the work and artists  of the DE STIJL movement. Specifically works of Theo Van Doesburg - Composition Dècentralisèe- and Piet Modrian Broadway Boogie - Woogie  were chosen as starting equipment for the final project. The final presentation consisted of a 3D Grid 2.20m * 2.20m * 2.20m with fixed and variable data on the  densification and thinning program that served human activities according to the user's needs

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