minimum occupancy

The workshop was held in two phases. Initially  individually oriented to a minimal house with intense experimentation. In the initial stage there was focus around the idea of ​​the bed and the other places organized around it. The semi-open character was maintained in the final phase of the program where this part of the settlement, was the spring habitation. As a final presentation there was cooperation of two people having as an aim to create a complex where a separate unit, was individually repeated. In this case, the special feature of this resolution lies both in the seasonal nature of habitation in which we have two parts , the one inhabited during the winter months and which is raised and fully covered, and the other which is inhabited during the summer months. Besides the complex is located in  rocky terraces which are utilized in the synthetic process. At the back side of the complex there are roads leading to each unit as well as  warehouses, supply roads, parking places.

in collaboration with Vaggelis Agatsas