This solution of the block bounded by Ermou and Platonos streets  - horizontal – Metamorfoseos and Borel - vertical- based on the intention of creating a square that mainly serves the needs of the scientific community. Specifically, this would be indicated by the selection of public spaces - cycling equipment shops, experimental stage, exhibition halls, dance halls, study rooms - and by the choice of housing in a private place where we have workshops and studio-apartments. Apartments have an autonomy in their formulation by allowing the habitation –maximum 2 couples even unknown to each other. With the floor plan in scale 1: 100 we observe a circular configuration where the public areas are the center , and in particular the kitchen, and a larger range of  bedrooms, each with its own bathroom and dressing room. This format is repeated as a unit alternatively with the studio which mainly uses the workshop with the main percentage of space occupied by storage and workbenches. Another point worth mentioning is that the floor in the middle of 11storeys can be used for private reading. The reason why the installation at this point was chosen, is underlined by the existence of a single office location in each apartment. Contrary to the idea of ​​autonomy, this happens to be a movement which is located in the middle level of the building in a glass level with 360o views,so it automatically elevates the study area.