Modern Art Museum

Based in Thessaloniki, Greece this project revolves around the idea of creating a Modern Art Museum with a distinctive landmark character. In the first level of approach the urban plan which was designed, played a major role in the primal stage of the total conception. In a second level it was found to be extremely vital that the movement within was underlined by light. Therefore every route is strategically placed and designed in a way that completes a circle, in particular among the exhibition spaces.Furthermore because of the compact element that this building represents, it was considered necessary to place a form of public space (plaza) in the first floor of th museum, surrounded by the caffe-restaurant, an amphitheatre and an exhibition space. Above it there is a glass structure to ensure natural lighting during the day.

It is also important to underline the fact that the square in front of the museum is actually a square for all four museums which exist in the same city block intersection.