This presentation examines five areas in the Northern suburbs: Holargos Chalandri, Ag.Paraskevi , Maroussi and Psichiko , leading to the detection of sports facilities as well as the routes that originally link them - based on region- and later with general urban web.
Specifically as the analysis scope is defined by the use of Public Transport, it is noted that the center of the routes that serve the movement in sport centers, is the metro station of Nomismatokopio . The suggestion of individual pathways involving buses and the use of suburban railway, are determined by the start of the route which is always this particular station.
It is worth noting that the station of Nomismatokopio , which is located in Mesogion Avenue, was later added to the original line which had Ethniki Amina as a terrminal. In this situation it is notified  that the center of movement, has been shifted to Nomismatokopio station constituting a part of the population as a reference point.
However it is worth mentioning that the sports facilities presented although each case is different in typology (gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis and golf courts, athletics) have the common feature that they do not only accommodate users of the certain construction. Considering the fact that sports area was to be developed in the late 80s, we realize that public stadiums were built in a sense of a public space able to host any social event both sporting and cultural.

In this sense, the mapping that  has been attempted not only makes a movement guide to the sport centers , but also a presentation of condensed movement of a certain portion of the population which is not only limited to to sports but also for cultural reasons