The subject of this studio was the addition or a part's redesign in the 16th Elementary School in Volos, Thessaly. The SEE THROUGH PROJECT addresses the renegotiation of the window issue. In the primal stage of the studio we choose a first grade classroom, as a base, to form a new window typology according to both the teacher's and the child's scale. The idea of a grid that can offer different kind of immobile and interchangeable elements, along with multiple lighting during the day was our main objective.

We categorize the ability to see outside, in three levels. These options are in relevance with the functions that take place behind the panels or in front of them. As a result, in the final outcome we can spot perforated, transparent and opaque panels each one with different materiality.

A point worth mentioning, is that the design of the majority of the panels, is suitable for the children to operate. We wanted to give them the opportunity to configurate the border between the classroom and the place of the break time as they desire.







in collaboration with Georgia Dimitriou