non architecture competiotions TRAINING

Twins Fit

An open rule training space with partner requirement

The concept and nature of training are in fact evolving each year. Exercise has become a program which demands  flexibility and possibility to adjust to a number of different specifications. However no matter the variety of training forms, the thing that all have in common is competition, a vital idea to exercise and improvement.
In terms of the issues above, an open program space which enables to exercise only if you are a pair was created. It was crucial to take into consideration a variety of floor typologies which enable a number of training routines. The presentation consists of a 3 floor system which can be multiplied by adding sections. Access is provided through an elevator with sensors that moves only to the first level and only if there are 2 individuals inside. The only way to level up is to pass through each level and use the spiral running track which connects the levels. The typologies presented are a product of  a theoretical analysis based on a demanding workout. The analysis focuses on relation to the floor and the movement of body parts through workout routine.

the proposal was picked in the finalists of the competition. The official entry in: